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General Information
Scientific name Unknown
Homeworld Sliakia
Habitat Anywhere
Height 5ft-6ft
Diet Carnivorous
Behind the Scenes
Universe Hunter Prey Universe

The Sliak are a race that are part of the Sedonian Empire. They have green skin, sharp teeth (hinting they are carnivorous), pointy ears, red eyes, spikes on their chins and flat noses. They are a bounty hunter race and even though they are part of the Sedonian Empire they seem to hate them strongly, which is a feeling felt mutually by the Sedonians. They have their own language but can also speak english, meaning they must have encountered humanity before.


They have armour similar to that of the Sedonians (mostly metal based) and darts that are capable of rending a human unconscious in a matter of seconds. They have pistols that emit high levels of sonic sounds that can be used to knock back or knock out both Sedonians and humans. They also have some form of space flight due to the Sliak making it to the planet the Sedonian prison transport crashed on.


Sliak culture is shown to be one based of bounty hunting, with them having little regard as to who they capture as long as a profit is to be made. They have some sense of pride as the term "bounty hunter" is considered ugly among them, preferring to call themselves "fortune liberators".

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