General Information
Homeworld Oddworld
Height Unknown
Diet Unknown
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Oddworld Universe

Sligs are a violent, slug-like race of humanoids inhabiting Oddworld. They are perhaps the most numerous of all the industrialized races, and are often employed as security under the Glukkons.

Biology Edit

Sligs are stocky, greenish-yellow skinned creatures with five tentacle-like appendages protruding from their faces, fairly muscular arms, and an overall avian-like body head and neck structure. Their eyes are rarely seen; most Sligs have been forced to wear masks (given to them by bosses who think they're too ugly) that improve their already poor vision. Their poor vision is likely due to their "pathetic, small, helpless-looking eyes".

Sligs have no legs; instead, so they normally pull themselves across the ground with their arms. This problem has been addressed by the industrialists Sligs often work under, who have developed loud, robotic legs for them officially called "Slig Pants". Variations such as helicopter-like attachments have also been developed. Sligs are often not very good at controlling these pants, due to them being cheaply made. While they are very proficient and quick with firearms, they are prone to stupid acts when under stress, such as falling into pits or running into walls, however, this is most likely do to the cheep pants malfunctioning. Their ineptitude has often caused them to be possessed by protected Mudokons. Sligs are extremely numerous and the bosses they serve under usually see them as expendable.

Sligs enjoy gambling, hunting, sports, and beating Mudokon slaves. Sligs who are born with deficiencies are usually discarded, and by that, we mean they get to guard the old meat processing plant in the sky. The Sligs usually only live 20-25 years, but the only Sligs we know of are the ones forced to live in squalid industrialized places, which tends to conflict with the fact that Sligs are allergic to many of the industrial pollutants at their workplaces, therefore, shortening their life-spans. The normal Sligs were actually a very peaceful and kind race before one queen, Skillya, sold her children to the Glukkons. Presumably in their tribal state, they would live about as long if not longer, than a human.

Role Edit


A Slig sporting the popular HUD mask, patrolling the now-defunct Rupture Farms.

Over the years, most Sligs have taken to serving under the more lazy and greedier industrialized races, particularly Glukkons, as security guards and soldiers. In exchange, the Glukkons had promised all Sligs who serve them a special "gift;" this gift is the manufacture of Slig Pants. They are also often equipped with high-powered weapons, and in some cases, battle armor. All Sligs are equipped with masks, given to them by their bosses who refused to work with them due to how ugly they were. These masks come in a few varieties; the most common version before Rupture Farms' destruction, the HUD visor, contained one visor across the front and functioned as a visor with detailed information on all slaves and employees. Due to the cost of such a device, most Sligs thereafter were assigned pilot masks with two separate lenses. These masks helped to not only shield the Sligs from chemicals and debris but help their poor eyesight.

Biological Enhancement Edit


A typical soldier-class "Big-Bro" Slig.

Due to poor business, escaping slaves, and decreased productivity among the oft-lazy Slig employees, many Glukkon companies had began injecting choice Sligs with steroids, resulting in the muscular, heavily-armored "Big-Bro Slig." In this state, all of the Slig's physical attributes are greatly enhanced and they live one year longer; however, they are still just as lazy as normal Sligs.

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