General Information
Homeworld Milky Way
Diet DNA
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ben 10 Universe

Slimebiotes are a sapient genetometamorphic species who predate all other DNA-based life forms in the universe.


Slimebiotes resemble a small green glob with tendrils. They have little antennae sticking out of their heads and their eyes are small and straight.


According to Khyber, Slimebiotes feed on DNA.


According to one of the Contemelia, Slimebiotes are the most important beings in all of creation as they will carry, mix, and deposit DNA across a growing universe for eons. Slimebiotes predate the universe and will seed life across new and growing universes.

In the billions of years, Slimebiotes had forgotten the original life mission of their species.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

When attached to an alien, Slimebiotes can use the alien's DNA to create extra limbs. 

Slimebiotes are impossible to remove by force (except by ionic surgery), since they only leave their hosts if they choose to.


Slimebiote is a combination of slime and symbiote.


  • According to Azmuth, Slimebiotes are thought to be extinct and he has never observed one.
  • They are physically very similar to the Brain Slugs from Futurama.