General Information
Other Names Sludgepuppy,Sludges
Homeworld Lenopos Secundus
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ben 10 Universe

Lenopans, mostly called Sludgepuppies or Sludges, are a species of alien blob shapeshifters. Though now at peace with humanity, they have historically tried to cause trouble on Earth and had thus been in opposition with the Plumbers.

Their natural conditions are legless and a vague human blob. Females of that race have antennas in their Sludgepuppy form. Sludgepuppies have the ability to stretch their limbs and create their own weapons from their composite mud. Being made a mud-like substances, makes them very weak if exposed to any amount of water in addition to fire. They hate the Plumbers, as there was a very long war against them. One sludgepuppy named Camille and a human named Joel fell in love, and when they got married, it possibly ended the war. The wedding tried to be stopped by a few sludges, but failed. Petrosapien crystals do not hurt them.


  • According to Deefus Veeblepister, Sludgepuppy is an offensive racial slur, and the proper term is Lenopans, though no other known Sludgepuppy seen has had a problem with the term until Deefus Veeblepister made his dislike of it known in Omniverse.