The Sludir are a reptile-like centaurian race native to the planet Sludir. They are a violent, military race with a history of warfare and combat. They have six short, muscular legs supporting a heavy body. Their upper torso has two arms, and their long skulls are marked by a large, tooth-filled mouth. Their skin is naturally thick and dense, providing them a natural armor that they take great pride in.

They evolved a primitive, tribal society based on a complex feudal system containing several rigid castes. Each caste had its own codes and rituals, but primary among all of them was the honor of battle. To the Sludir, combat is the surest test of individual power. No Sludir has ever fled from battle. They also have an intense desire to further their families, and the securing of an heir is extremely important. However, the Sludir's immense strength and unusual appearance makes them prime targets for slavers and mercenaries.

The Empire did nothing to assist the Sludir, declaring them a legitimate slave race. Thus, many Sludir found off planet were either slaves or criminals until the Battle of Endor. With the demise of the Empire, the Sludir retook control of their homeworld and established a loose form of government made up from crime lords of varying degrees. Many Sludir who returned to their homeworld were dismayed to find this new government, and soon left the planet once again for a better life.

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