Slug-o-Cola is a Ferengi beverage composed 43% of living microscopic algae (presumably Ferenginar algae). It is opaque green in color and described by its promotional campaign as being "the slimiest cola in the galaxy". Its main competitor is Eelwasser.

"Drink Slug-o-Cola! The slimiest cola in the galaxy!"

In 2374, the chairman of Slug-o-Cola was Ferengi Commerce Authority Commissioner Nilva. That year, Slug-o-Cola had been losing ground to its primary competitor, Eelwasser. Quark, while disguised as Zek's female financial adviser Lumba, suggested to Nilva that he might improve his sales by advertising to females, with a new slogan:

"Drink Slug-o-Cola, and keep your teeth that lovely shade of green." DS9 Profit and Lace

It was not made clear if Slug-o-Cola is the same as the colas originating on Earth or if this is a Ferengi word for a different beverage.


  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

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