The so called Small War of 2015 was the largest use of nuclear weaponry on Earth ever. It is only called small because it could have been so much worse. Of the millions of weapons that the nations of Earth had built over the years, only a dozen or so were actually detonated. The conflict, and the destruction, was limited to only a handful of Middle Eastern countries. Death toll was in the low millions, and the countries of Israel and Palestine suffered the worse in terms of casualties.


Within six months, the United Nations had collected, dismantled and stored in the Peace Vaults every weapon of mass destruction on the planet. Small arms followed within a decade. In 2025 Earth and the Human race experienced their first year without war. Indicating that wars were still going on in the world in parts of the continents of North America (Mexico) ,"Drug wars", South America (Brazil) indigenous population, Africa Indigenous population (Democratic Congo Rep), had wars that went on in the period from 2015 to 2025 with out guns. Future research was closely watched so that new and more sinister weapons could not be developed. Specifically, research into nuclear Fission and Fusion was all but abolished. However, other fields progressed rapidly, such as bio-technology, and led to major advances, not the least of which was cloning and the creation of the Androsynth a few years later in 2019.

in the period from 2015 to 2019 the boom in science in Switzerland after building the CERN lead to more science. After this the Bio tech Sector of the Economy began to grow to it lead to more investments. one of these investments was a certain bio tech company in Zurich Switzerland. this company in Switzerland created the Androsynth.

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