This article is about the original Snively, who appeared in the SatAM continuity of Sonic the Hedgehog. Not to be confused with the original Archie Comics' continuity, Snively Robotnik, or the character from the renewed continuity of the same comics line, Dr. Julian Snively.

Biography Information
  • Slimely
  • Shrimp-Boat
  • Snootley
  • Snoutley
  • Homeworld Mobius
    Hometown Robotropolis
    Species Overlander
    Gender Male
    Height Short
    Hair Color Brown (former)
    Bald (current)
    Eye Color Grayish blue
    Diet Omnivore
    Family Dr. Julian Robotnik (uncle)
    Language Overlander
    Occupation Lackey
    Interests The idea of ruling Mobius
    Abilities Genius-level intelligence
    Personality Devious and passive-aggressive, yet cowardly
    Affiliation Robotnik (Season 1)
    Independent (Season 2)
    Freedom Fighters (Season 3)
    Status Alive
    Behind the Scenes
    Universe Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM Continuity)
    Created by DiC Entertainment
    Performed by Charlie Adler
    Appearances All of SatAM episodes starting with Season 1 finale "Heads or Tails"

    Snively is a diminutive Overlander who has served as his uncle Dr. Robotnik's miserable underling and assistant for a decade, ever since the Great War. Snively is constantly abused, teased and intimidated by his uncle. In season one, Snively appeared to be loyal to Robotnik. In season two, Snively was shown to despise Robotnik and talk about him behind his back. In the unproduced season three he was planned to try and take over Mobius on his own but miserably fail, leading to him joining the Freedom Fighters against Robotnik.

    Snively's intelligence easily rivals his uncle's, especially in the fields of robotics-engineering and programming, but this trait is ignored. He is also less tactically competent, which explains his need to remain under his uncle's boot. After Robotnik is defeated in "Doomsday Project", Snively himself plans to take over and run all of Robotropolis.


    Snively is a devious and passive-aggressive individual, possessing traits that are commonplace amongst the Kintobor family line. He is however a timid and cowardly person, and has been too afraid to talk back to his more powerful and vastly more merciless uncle, Dr. Julian Robotnik. He lives in constant fear of his uncle, but has begun to grow angry as towards Robotnik's treatment towards him, leaving him passionately resentful. Snively is the type of person who gladly talks bad about those he dislikes behind their back, including his uncle.

    Eventually Snively dreams of overthrowing Robotnik to seize power for himself.

    Background historyEdit

    The Great WarEdit

    During the Great War, Snively served the King of Mobotropolis alongside his uncle, then still known as Julian. With the war won, Julian convinced the king to allow him to dismantle the kingdom's army out of a belief that peace would prevail and the army would no longer be necessary -- however this was all a part of a plan for a coup, which Snively joined his uncle for under the belief that he would get to rule as an equal to Uncle Julian. Using the roboticizer they stole from Sir Charles Hedgehog, they soon overthrew the king. However, during these last moments Julian was reduced to his uncle's lackey and servant instead, where he would remain for a full decade, slowly growing more and more despondent and bitter.

    During an alternate timeline, Sonic the Hedgehog and Sally Acorn would try and stop Julian's coup, and ultimately Sonic would rush past Snively. The vacuum produced by this would suck Snively's hair out, leaving him a reason for a personal loathing against the hedgehog hero. Whether this occurred during the regular timeline (though presumably from another Sonic from another alternate timeline) as well is unknown.

    Under Robotnik's RuleEdit

    Uncle Julian renamed himself to Dr. Robotnik after overtaking the kingdom, and Snively was left with little choice but to serve his uncle as his underling. Though he remained just as active in the planning and machine-building stages as his uncle was, he would find himself consistently ridiculed, including but not limited to being abused both physically as well as psychologically, leaving him to meek out a miserable existence that he would grow to regret and despise. Snively began to fantasize about seizing the empire for himself.

    The Doomsday ProjectEdit

    During the events of the Doomsday Project, Snively attempted to correct Robotnik into vanquishing the Blue Blur, but was denied by his uncle. Not long after, Sonic and Sally would use the Deep Power Stones to demolish the Doomsday Machine, with its destruction forcing both uncle and nephew to escape with their lives; however Robotnik prevented Snively from entering his escape hovercraft, leaving Snively to his fate. Snively survived despite this betrayal however, having located an elevator. Arising from the wreckage of the machine, he expressed happiness that Robotnik had been defeated. With the power vacuum created with the defeat of Robotnik, Snively stood up and took his place to battle the Freedom Fighters alongside the evil wizard Naugus.

    Snively's RuleEdit

    This section is based upon cut content from the planned but ultimately unproduced third season of the cartoon show.

    Snively would soon prove to be a poor ruler. To try and make up for this, he would attempt to free the evil wizard Naugus to obtain his aid but in the process would accidentally free his uncle and the king instead. Once again reduced not only to a mere lackey but to an insignificant nobody, Snively would finally rebel against his former allies. He would take up arms against both Naugus and Robotnik, joining Sonic and his Freedom Fighters instead.