The SnowHorns are tundra dwelling mammoths who live in SnowHorn Wastes, which is near Ice Mountain, and DarkIce Mines. Of course, for the duration of Fox McCloud's occupation on Sauria they were being used by General Scales as slaves in the mines. The preferred food of Snowhorns is the Alpine Root, which grows in the Saurian tundra. They appear to have no leader and come and go as they please, but Garunda Te, the GateKeeper, does refer to the tribe as "my tribe" and they refer to him as "our leader". They are highly social as seen when one is upset about his Golden Root, which was stolen by the ShopKeeper, the others are also very concerned about it. SnowHorns are based on Woolly Mammoths. They have immense strength, but are very sluggish which leaves them vulnerable to attack. Snowhorns apparently have no problem with letting Fox ride them and have proven very useful to him, such as removing certain obstacles and guiding him through snowstorms. During the Aparoid Invasion, the Snowhorn probably faced the brunt of the attack from the Aparoids, due to their massive strength, yet were fended off with very maximum casualties. It is unknown what became of the tribe afterwards.

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