(Gagarin IV)
Universe Mass Effect Universe
Cluster Armstrong Nebula
System Gagarin System
Class Terrestrial
Atmosphere Unbreathable (Nitrogen & Argon)
Primary Terrain Frigid, Cratered Wasteland
Orbital Period 1.8 Earth Years
Radius 4,327 km
Day Length 63.9 Earth Hours
Atmospheric Pressure 0.52 Earth Atmospheres
Surface Temperature -136° Celsius
Surface Gravity 0.46 g
Notable Species N/A

Sogelrus is a small terrestrial planet with a thin atmosphere of nitrogen and argon. The frigid surface is mainly composed of water ice, which can be plainly seen in the bottoms of recent craters. The dark coloration of the surface is caused by a carbon and ferrous material, pushed up from the denser core by cryovolcanic processes.

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