Universe Actual Universe
System Sol System
Planets 8
Class G2V
Gravity 28 g (274 m/s²)
Diameter 1,392,000,000 km
Rotation period 24.47 Earth days
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Sol (known most commonly by Humans simply as 'the sun') is a spectral type G yellow star located in the periphery of the Milky Way Galaxy. It is a single star (no companions, as far as we know), the primary of the Sol System and orbited by eight planets (four terrestrial and four gas giants) plus a multitude of asteroids, moons, comets and space debris. About 4.8 billion years old, Sol is considered middle-aged for a G-type star and is fairly stable regarding stellar activity. It is believed that about 5 billion years in the future it will eventually run out of hydrogen in its core, proceeding to become a red giant. After that, it will eventually eject its outer atmosphere in a planetary nebula and become a white dwarf.

Like any star, Sol is currently considered an unlikely location for life. As a general rule, aliens native to the sun may be found only in the earliest, or the most whimsical works of science-fiction. One exception would be the scientifically plausible Solarians featured in Hal Clement's short story Proof, which are made out of neutronium and are unaware of the existence of planets or any other form of solid ordinary matter.


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