The Sol Sector is a region of space containing the star and primary sub-location known as Sol and all of its many worlds plus all of there satellites Including Earth plus a still to be discovered planet Rupurt somepere beyond Neptune in the trans netunian region of the Sol system. In addition to Sol theres also all stars within a radius of 10 to 50 lightyears which may or may not include Vega which is the nearest major star in terms of size and figurative importance meaning even though Sol is a small star it still has the location of the Spacefaring Humans and soon to be starfaring meaning able to travel using warp tech to other major stars relatively easy. but star faring will have to be a scifi dream for now unless Flying Saucer technology can be aquired and fited into Earthling Cruisers or something like that.

Sol Sector in science fiction.

The Sol Sector has apeared in many works of science fiction.

In Hitch Hikers guide to the galaxyEdit

This place is known as "Galactic sub-Sector ZZ9 plural Z Alpha" - 

In Star trekEdit

This place is known as "Sector 001" -

In Star ControlEdit

In star control theres two coordinates for the stars of Sol and Vega known as Sirius in the game. Theres about 5000 stars near to Sol if you form a 100 by 100 by 100 Light year cube centered on Sol. meaning it covers all the near quadrants from sol to sol will be 50 light years in the middle of that. so it would be 50 light year radius from Sol plus all the cube corners on the edges of this 50 light year sphere of influence. in star control however your only able to warp space in a 10,000 Light year slice of the Milky way so in order to warp up and down and break the height barriers you got to have Either the Arilou which come from above this 5000 Light year radius from earth. and the Arilou home world it self it located above the central bulge also known as Shapley center in old star trek from the 1970s section of the Milkey way galaxy. So the Arilou come from above but the Orz and They come from below the central plane of the galaxy. sol sector is only a small part of the central plane in its general region so the arilou are many thousands of light years above our galactic plane and same as the Arilou for the orz except its below the galactic plane.the the rigel and orion star clusters are satellites of the milky way. these star clusters would be located on yet other star maps in the star control games. there very well could be as yet undiscovered star contol races or intelligent aliens in these satellite regions of the milky way galaxy. such was the case with sending radio messages to these regions in the 1970s but its theorized that the Ophuicus constellation responded to our early messages from the 1920s and in the 1960s we finnally built the SETI place and began picking up responces, its very well possible that the region covering where the Earthings live could include other as yet undetected races such as the keelvereasy and such we live near alpha centuari.

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