(Grissom IIIa)
Universe Mass Effect Universe
Cluster Armstrong Nebula
System Grissom System
Class Terrestrial
Atmosphere Unbreathable (Krypton & Xenon)
Primary Terrain Unspecified
Orbital Distance 10,367,883 km (from Notanban
Orbital Period 0.6 Earth Years
Radius 4,534 km
Day Length 0.6 Earth Years
Atmospheric Pressure 0.00 Earth Atmospheres
Surface Temperature 351° Celsius
Surface Gravity 0.8 g
Notable Species Geth

Solcrum is the largest moon of the gas giant Notanban. It has a trace atmosphere of krypton and xenon. The crust is composed of various metals with deposits of sodium. As with every body in the planetary system, the surface is scorching hot and thoroughly irradiated by the blue giant Grissom. Surface excursions without proper protective gear are certain to prove fatal.

On approach to Notanban, Normandy's passive sensor array intercepted a fragmentary coded transmission from the surface of Solcrum. Attempts to decrypt the message were fruitless; it does not appear to be in any software coding language used by the Citadel races.

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