In the second X-Com game, Terror From the Deep, the Aliens are armed with powerful new weapons that fire beams of powerful sonic blasts. Similar to the Plasma Weapons used in the First Alien War, these Sonic Weapons can jellify bone and turn any material softer than reinforced Aqua Plastic hull panels to dust in a single shot. Sonic Weapons work by generating a burst of powerful sound waves at extremely high frequencies. Since it takes time to charge up a single shot, it lacks Auto-Fire function that their Plasma-based predecessors possessed. But like their Plasma-based forebears, they require great power to fire, so they are powered by a small battery that is built into a clip. These clips contain a small quantity of Zrbite, an alien power source that is similar to the power source used in the First Alien War, Elerium-115. However, since it takes a lot of power to fire a single shot, the clips have a very short limit.

Sonic Weapon ClassesEdit

Sonic Pistol: A light yet inaccurate sonic-based weapon. It is small and light, making it a perfect side arm for a grenadier or melee specialist(that basically means a soldier that is armed with a melee weapon like a taser or Vibro Blade).

Sonic-blasta Rifle: A sonic-based rifle, powerful and precise, good for general combat and sniping. However, the clip doesn't have a generous ammo limit, having about 14 shots per clip. It is good idea to make sure the soldiers you plan to arm with Sonic-blasta Rifles are good shots, othewise make sure they have plenty of ammo clips.

Sonic Cannon: A cumbersome yet devastating sonic weapon, capable of downing the toughest enemies in a few well-placed shots. The weapon, however, is very heavy, and takes a lot of time units for a measly "Snap Shot". The cannon is very inaccurate, so it should be in the hands of a good shooter or left at the base. Again, the clip has a very short ammo supply, so if you plan to bring them along, make sure you have enough clips or an emergency backup weapon like some Sonic-blasta Rifles, or else you could be in real trouble.

Sonic Pulser: An alien grenade that releases a powerful sonic boom that can blow a small building to smoldering ruin. Sonic Pulsers are like their predecessors from the First Alien War, but vastly more powerful.

Sonic Oscillator: An X-Com weapon reverse-engineered from alien sonic weaponry. It is a powerful sonic beam cannon used on X-Com submarines.

Sonic Defense: An X-Com base facility that uses turrets mounted with Sonic Oscillators to shoot down attacking Alien subs.

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