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Sonorasian Omniverse
General Information
Universe Ben 10 Universe
Homeworld Sonorosia
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient

"Sonorsian" (a play on sonar) is a species from the canyon-filled planet, Sonorosia.


Sonorosians are simple-looking, humanoid creatures made of silicon. They have grey-white skin with a dividing line going down their body. They have large heads, and their faces simply resemble thick lines in the form of eyes and a mouth. The inside of their mouth resembles a stereo speaker. They have 4-fingered hands and shoe-like feet. There also have crater-like growths on each wrist, and cassette-like growths on their calf's. They have what appear to be biological earphones, with organic wires leading down to a square MP3 player-like part with a green "10" on it. According to Derrick J. Wyatt, they are really living sound waves, so their outward appearance is actually a containment suit made of silicon.

Sonorosians have synthesizer-like voices.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Sonorosians can emit sonic waves strong enough to knock something over, or stop projectiles, and become loud or high enough to overload machinery, or make someone go deaf. They can also use echolocation, as well as let their scream travel through microphone-based technology, much like telephones.They are also capable of infinite duplication. Each clone acts independently, but they do work together, each with the same objective. They can also rejoin at any time.

Ultimatrix EvolutionEdit

Using the Ultimatrix evolutionary feature, Sonorosian becomes taller and has metallic, blue skin. They can shoot Sonic discs and duplicate the disk, however they lost the ability duplicate them self.


Trivia Edit

  • They wear headphones to keep them from getting hurt by their own sonic screams.
  • Sonorosians are also able to manipulate sound, but this hasn't been shown.

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