Frenzy Lego
Space Monkey-Lizard
Universe LEGO Universe
Homeworld Unknown
Average Height ~7ft (Presumed)
Diet Anything and everything
Language Unknown
Sapience Level Sapient
Subspecies Unknown

Space Mantis-Lizards are a species of tall, strong, four-armed sapients that hail from an unspecified or unknown planet of origin. They appear to have an extremely rapid metabolism, perhaps indicating a very fast movement speed as they likely do not grow past a certain height level at any significantly rapid speed. They are gluttonous because of this, although it would be presumed that most of the species keeps this under check as otherwise the entire species would be considered criminally negligent by the Space Police. They have two sets of pectoral musculatures in order to operate their four arms, although the lower set is significantly better defined. Their eyes are large and built on their heads to provide a large coverage area presumably in order to scout out potential food items and their mouth openings take up a large amount of their head space, to fit more into the mouth at one time. These both indicate that the species originated on a planet with very little resources. Their four arms would also aid in seeking food on a resource-lacking world, although it is not as large of a necessity as the aforementioned adaptations would be.

Notable Space Mantis-Lizards Edit

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