Space Pirate
Space pirate
General Information
Homeworld Pirate Homeworld
Diet Omnivorous
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Metroid Universe

The Space Pirates are a species that never stops in their quest for power. They have been known to experiment with Metroids and Phazon, leaving dangerous results.


The Space Pirate physiology includes a wide range of morphological variation – their base forms have hands featuring two thumbs and a single finger, but many are genetically engineered with lobsterlike claws with their gun barrels lodged within. Some of these clawed pirates, called Troopers, have their other arm replaced by a massive blade rather than a second claw. The Space Pirates have repeatedly used Phazon to mutate their own species, making creatures such as the Omega Pirate.


The Space Pirates are a very militaristic and unlawful race, not caring to follow any rules of the Galactic Federation. However, in the Space Pirate society, obedience is a strict law; if it is not followed, the consequence is death. The Space Pirates are, oddly, extremely stringent about possessions— thievery within their race is punished severely.

Space Pirates are intelligent, yet use much of the technology they find or steal to make new weapons. Their culture is much the same, as most of their culture is stolen from other cultures, primarily Earth culture as we have the same general body shape: one head, two legs, two arms, etc.

Military TechnologyEdit

Much of Space Pirate military technology is experimental. Many of these experiments include Phazon and Metroids, but the Space Pirates have also tried to reverse-engineer the abilities of Samus Aran such as the morphball.

Galvanic Accelerator CannonEdit

Attached to the beings' right arm, the GACs are fired by raising a single finger into an alcove containing a trigger. They fire small, reddish bolts of energy capable of dealing minimal damage, but they fire very fast and have extremely low recoil. After the events on Tallon IV, the pirates abandoned GACs for QACs, Quantum Assault Cannons.

Quantum Assault CannonsEdit

An upgrade to the GAC which proved too weak to do serious damage to major threats. Little else is known.


The Space pirates have based much of their military on the element Phazon. They set up full bases when trace elements are found. It is a highly radioactive mutagen which can increase the threat level of space pirates exponentially. Through these experiments the space pirates have created many abominations of nature. The high death toll of miners and test subjects does not deter the space pirates from this powerful resource. It is revealed in the Space Pirate Logs that some Space Pirates protested Phazon being used in their homeworld.

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