Space Walk
Universe Halo Universe
Homeworld None -- occurs in microgravity environments such as outer space
Symptoms Muscular atrophying of limbs

Space Walk is a term used for a specific condition of muscular atrophy that occurs to UNSC (and likely any other human or, indeed, other species; however it is specifically a UNSC term) personnel whom have spent too much time in microgravity.

Presumably, one who has succumbed to the effects of "space walking" have had their leg muscles become unaccustomed to holding up their own body weight due to the loss of muscle mass caused by extended periods of free floating that is caused while in zero gravity. As such, upon returning to an atmosphere which has stable gravity attached to it they will have a strange lope to their walk. This is what the UNSC crewmen dub "space walk".

Recent developments in gravity plating leads many to suspect that this condition may soon be wiped out entirely, as humans will spend less time in microgravity.

Known Sufferers Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Space Walk was first mentioned in Halo: Reach when introducing the character of Franklin Mendez.

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