Experiment 221 (a.k.a: Sparky) is an alien experiment created by Dr. Jumba Jookiba. He is the first experiment Lilo and Stitch caught and rehabilitated. Experiment 221's primary function is to create crippling power surges, as well as possessing other electrical abilities.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Experiment 221 resembles a yellow Chinese dragon with skinny arms, legs, and small body, a slightly twisted yet pointed tail, a large oval-shaped head with a wide mouth, a round nose, dark blue eyes and long antennae.

List of AbilitiesEdit

  • Shoot lightning blasts
  • Generate and release massive discharge of electrical energy
  • Create crippling electric surges
  • Traveling through and short-circuiting electric-powered generators, appliances, devices, and machines

Appearances Edit

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