The Spathi Discriminator renamed the Spathi Eluder by 2155 CE. Was a Spathi space ship that is built to outrun most Alliance ships (their enemy) while fleeing, as the ship’s thrust and turning speeds are very fast. For every Main Crew Area the ship has, there are Decoy Projections to draw fire away from their crew, which is fairly large. Their special power, the B. U. T. T. (Backwards Utilizing Tracking Torpedo) missile, can be launched from behind, which causes more damage

than their main weapon.
Spathi ship

A picture of a Spathi ship

On the flip side of the ship’s high turning and thrust speeds, the ship’s fuel amount is very low, with their refueling speed being the lowest of all Hierarchy ships, plus their weapon damage is also very low

(although the B. U. T. T. missile causes more damage). It also costs a lot to build Discriminators during a full game.

Ship stats Edit

  • Alignment: Ur-Quan Hierarchy
  • Crew size: Fairly high
  • Fuel amount: Very low
  • Refueling speed: Lowest
  • Thrust: Very fast
  • Turning speed: Very fast
  • Ship speed: Highest
  • Weapon range: High
  • Weapon damage: Very low
  • Special power: B. U. T. T. missile
  • Cost to build (full game only): Very high

Trivia Edit

The Spathi race is constantly jumpy, causing one Earthling crew to bestow the nickname of the “space jitterbug” for the Discriminator ship during an encounter.

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