The Spazer Beam, also known as the Spazer Laser Beam, is a type of Chozo beam weapon used by Samus Aran. It splits beam shots into three thin lasers, boosting the overall width of shots. It is incompatible with the Plasma Beam.


The Spazer Beam is one of the least used beams in the series, appearing only in two games, them being Metroid II: Return of Samus and Super Metroid. As mentioned, it makes beam shots wider by splitting them into three lasers. Because they can be acquired early on in Super Metroid, it provides a considerable advantage by filling one of the roles of the Wave Beam (of which cannot be acquired until Samus defeats Kraid and gets the Varia Suit) for those who opt to get it. The Spazer's power is maximized when the Wave Beam is equipped, since the latter provides a nice boost to attack power and the ability to shoot through walls. However, many prefer the Plasma Beam over the Spazer Beam, mainly because of the Plasma Beam's superior power and ability to shoot through enemies.


  • Metroid II: Return of Samus (First appearance)
  • Super Metroid


  • The Chainsaw Beam glitch in Super Metroid is caused by carefully changing the beam loadout so that the Spazer Beam and Plasma Beam can be used together.

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