The Spemin were a race Discovered in either the 2600s or 2700s AD but most likely around 2675 is given as the traditional date by the mechans atributed to the event wereby the Earthling race had discovered them. The Spemin govern a state that various human civilizations and other space faring civilizations called the Spemin Empire. For the most part the Spemin are a Arrogant and hostile race unless pacified by the whining orb device. Despite the Spemins hostile dislike of Humans, there ships are not a threat as of the 47th century as they remain built to outdated technology specifications from 2000 years ago in the late 27th century. Minor armaments like thier Ion bolt pulse cannon are not nearly as acurrate as Arthian Ion bolt pulse cannons from the 47th century which also have a extreme rapid fire rate where as the Spemin pulse cannon can only fire one volley off at a given time. Making a battle between the Arthian Flagship and a Spemin Warship seem comparible to a Musketeer versus a machine guner for the Arthian Humans Arthian Flagship favored to win in a one on one battle.

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