Sphere Doomer
Regular Sphere Doomer
General Information
Homeworld Another Dimension
Habitat Pocket dimensions
Height Approximately that of Kirby
Diet Energy Spheres
Sapience Level Non-sapient
Language none
Subspecies/Races Of Doomer
Grand Doomer
Behind the Scenes
Universe Kirby Universe

A Sphere Doomer is a strange luminescent creature that lives in Another Dimension.

Sphere Doomers are a sub-species of Doomers that eat Energy Spheres. All Sphere Doomers have wings that allow them to fly, and the ability to launch energy balls at opponents. All Doomers except for the Grand Doomer have yellow eyes. Upon defeat, normal Sphere Doomers release two Energy Spheres. There are several different types of Sphere Doomers.


Regular Sphere DoomersEdit

Regular Sphere Doomer

A Regular Sphere Doomer

Regular Sphere Doomers are purple in color. They launch slow purple energy balls at opponents. They might also try to swoop into their opponents. At half health, they might try to ram into them from the background. They can be found in the pocket dimensions whose entrances are in Cookie Country. One is paired with a Fire Sphere Doomer and is located at Dangerous Dinner. Regular Sphere Doomers are also shot at Kirby by Magolor's first form.

Fire Sphere DoomersEdit

Sphere Doomer Fire

A Fire Sphere Doomer

Fire Sphere Doomers are red in color. They launch red fire balls at their opponents. If copied, this will give Kirby the Fire ability. They might try to swoop down into their opponents or ram into them. They have the ability to perform burning dashes. They could also spin in a circle in midair, dropping several fire balls.

Spark Sphere DoomerEdit

Sphere Doomer Spark

A Spark Sphere Doomer

Spark Sphere Doomers are green in color. They launch green balls of electricity at opponents. Also, sparks of electricity are sent above and below it.

Ice Sphere DoomerEdit

Sphere Doomer Ice

An Ice Sphere Doomer

Ice Sphere Doomers are the final main type of Sphere Doomer. They unleash balls of ice and attack with ice storms.


  • Kirby: Return to Dream Land (First appearance)


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