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sherus magna


The three planets

Spherus Magna was the planet were the Great Beings once lived. There lived also Agori and Glatorians. The ice tribe found a strange substance called protodermis in the core of the planet. The protodermis is a strong mutagen. A war was fought between the fire tribe and the ice tribe because everybody wanted to control the protodermis. This war is called the "core war". The other tribes joined the core war and the planet was splitted in three parts by the protodermis' power. The parts now are planets themselves, called Aqua Magna, Bota Magna and Bara Magna. While the tribes of spherus magna now live on Bara Magna, on Aqua Magna was created life by the great beings.

The planet has later been brought back together by the Mata Nui and Teridax robots.

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