The Spirit Drinker is a dangerous alien lifeform encountered in the X-Men animated series two parter "Out of the Past".


A planetary menace the alien terror was eventually captured by the Shi'ar who imprisoned it and set it adrift in deep space. Unfortunately the prison ship crash landed on primitive Earth. Seeing the planet contained no sapient life and the ship remained sealed they chose not to retrieve the downed vessel.

Thousands of years later the ship was discovered by the vengeful Lady Deathstrike who lured Wolverine to the ship after capturing Jubilee. Believing the ship contained a cash of alien weapons she goaded wolverine into striking the ship enough times to rupture the hull.

This awoke the hibernating Spirit Drinker which emerged and attacked. It drained Deathstrike's minions and Jubilee of their life force while shrugging off all attacks from the assembled mutants. Only Wolverine and Deathstrike's claws caused the alien pain.

The X-Men eventually chased the alien to a nearby subway where Wolverine discovered the alien's weakness to electricity. Luring it to the third rail and Gambit's staff as a lightning conductor they X-Men were able to vaporise the alien and release the trapped essences of its victims back to their bodies.

Anatomy Edit

An energy being the Spirit Drinker is comprised of a green flame like energy that swirls around within its frame. It possess one large yellow eye in the center of its skull and a large mouth with jagged teeth. It walks on two long legs and has two arm like feelers under its mouth. When feeding it spits out green tendrils that ensnare a victim to drain their energy.

It survives on the life energy of victims and will attack any living creature it encounters. It can go for extended periods without food.

Its sentience level is unknown but it was able to cripple Jean Grey with pain when she tried to read its mind. Jean claimed its mind to be the most repulsive thing she had encountered. It also used the essences of its victims to taunt and lure in prey; creating visions of their faces in its body begging for aid. It was willing to endure being cut by Wolverine and Deathstrike's claws in order to get close enough to drain Deathstrike.


  • Longevity: The creature survived for thousands of years without food.
  • Life force absorbing: The creature drains the life force or souls of a victim with a single touch from the tendrils from its mouth. With each new victim it grows in size in power.
  • Telepathy resistance: The creature's mind is so savage and malicious that even a powerful telepath like Jean Grey can not read without suffering terrible pain.
  • Durability: The creature was able to resist several energy blasts and being buries without suffering any form of harm.


  • Adamantium: The metal is the only thing that can cut the creature and cause it pain. Despite this it can endure the pain when  needed.
  • Electricity: Contact with electrical energy causes the creature to destabilize and explode releasing the life force of its victims which promptly return to their bodies

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