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The Spoffit is a small sheeplike creature that makes cameo appearances in most Maxis-made adventures in Spore: Galactic Adventures.

It is small in size, with a big fluffy coat of snow white fleece. The Spoffit has a major role in most adventures made by Maxis and some made by players. It is often found in hidden, secluded locations, with bluegrass music playing in the creature's vicinity. It has been proven to be quite intelligent in the Maxis-made adventure called "Spoffit Calculator".


  • There is also a Shaved Spoffit model that does not have its fluffy coat of fleece, but still has a little tuft on its head.
  • In the Maxis-made adventure "How Bill Becomes a Law", the main goal is to present a bill that wants to make the Spoffit the mascot for Spore.
    • On an unrelated note, President Barack Obama makes a cameo in that adventure as a space ship called "Obama".

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