Biography Information
True Identity Spotty
Homeworld Spot
Species Spottyman
Gender Male
Family Blotch (sister)
Language English
Status Active
Behind the Scenes
Universe SuperTed Universe
Created by Paul Mendelson
Performed by Jon Pertwee



Spotty is an alien who comes from the planet Spot, where his parents and his sister, Blotch, still live (its very hot there). He collects cosmic dust and is always asking SuperTed to tell him his magic word (he keeps promising that he won't tell anyone else). Spotty can be quite accident prone and SuperTed is always helping him out of a spot of trouble. If Spotty gets flustered then he starts stammering. He travels around space with SuperTed using his Spotty Rocket, and his rocket pack. Like SuperTed, he doesn't need a spacesuit and helmet to survive in space.


Spotty is voiced by the late Jon Pertwee, best known for portraying the Third Doctor in Doctor Who and grumpy scarecrow Worzal Gummidge.