Universe LEGO Universe
Founder / Leader Major Kartofski
Homeworld Spyrius
Base of Operations Lunar Launch Site
Colors Red, black, blue, neon green
Specialty Robotics
Current Strength Nearly disbanded

Spyrius is a dedicated yet freelance spy agency working for no greater powers, instead seemingly working for their own greater good, seeking to steal away any technology and valuable data they can. They appeared to be focused primarily upon robotics, but seemingly disappeared from the front lines when the potential threat of extraterrestrial invasion reared its head. While it is entirely possible that the Human race stopped its in-fighting upon realizing the threat around them, the fact that a Spyrius Droid has recently surface seems to indicate that they continue to operate behind the scenes.

Spyrius Astronaut

Typical appearance of a Spyrius astronaut.

During the early days of man's interstellar exploration period they boasted the most heavily-advanced robotics of all of the Human's factions. While Spyrius possess droids that can almost be mistaken for Humans were it not for their mechanical faces, only the M-TRON excavation teams and the Futuron civilian explorers had known android, though these were far obsolete in comparison to Spyrius'.


Spyrius Droid

A Spyrius android.

The Spyrius remained behind the scenes for some time during the early days of the space explorations of man, yet they seized the opportunity when the Blacktron were disbanded, filling the vacuum created by their absence.

During their heyday they commonly raided both M-TRON shipments and mining facilities, as well as the Unitron military forces.


The Spyrius agents wear uniforms of red and black, and a blue utility vest and a red helmet with a green visor.

Spyrius ships are smaller than those of other, larger space agencies. Their vehicles continue the red and black theme, while their cockpits utilizing blue-hued glass.

Notable membersEdit


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