The Squabians were the natives of the planet Squab II, the Squabians were a nomadic race who were forced to roam their homeworld in search of the resources they needed to survive. When a Dorcin trader landed on the planet, the Squabians traded him the mineral rights to a frozen waste in return for starship technology. Now the Squabians travel the galaxy looking for junk to salvage. Their bodies were covered in colorful fur which ranges from deep red to brilliant blue, and their fox-like faces have large eyes and tufted ears. They were confident and curious by nature, and love to make things more complicated than they need to be. The Squabian negotiation process was a good example: when one party wishes to obtain something from another, they must make the first pitch. If they do not, the controlling party will simply stand by stoically, waiting for the first request. Squabians also revel in haggling, and consider it the highest form of communication. They have been in a salvage war with the Ugors, and were often found trying to claim the same junk before the Ugors can. To a Squabian, the only good Ugor was a ripped-off Ugor. The Squabian race was ruled by a polyanarchy, which was formed by a group of Squabian kings. Each king ruled a tribe of salvagers, and worked with the other kings to ensure salvage rights. Despite their scavenging ways, Squabians also developed a high level of technology, and their tractor beam generators were among the most efficient in the galaxy. Many Squabian starships use these tractor beams as weapons, instead of lasers.

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