Squirps Korogaline Squirpina
Biography Information
Homeworld Squirpia
Species Squirpian
Gender Male
Eye Color Black
Affiliation The Squirpian People, Mario
Behind the Scenes
Universe Super Mario Brothers Universe

Squirps (also known as Squirps Korogaline Squirpina) is the prince of the Squirpian race. He was in a cryonic sleep pod that floated through outer space for 1,500 years.

Have awoken early, he began crying for help when Mario and his friends opened the pod's door. As thanks, he helped the gang. Unfortunately, when they got to the pure heart he saw his mother's statue, indicating that she had perished at some point in the last 1,500 years. He began to cry and vowed to her that he would restore their homeplanet, Squirpia.


  • He is known to speak what comes off as nonsense, like "SQUOOOOOORPS, SQUUUUUIRRRPS, SQQQQQUUARPS".


  • Super Paper Mario (First appearance)

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