The StarViper-class attack platform was a heavy starfighter that was based on Prince Xizor's Virago, and was used extensively in the criminal underworld during the era of the Galactic Empire.


The StarViper was equipped with dual laser cannons of medium destructive power, and unlike other starfighters, it was a short but tall fighter, lacking a fuselage. It had decent armor and was fairly quick, but was expensive, which meant that it was not deployed in large squadrons.

The StarViper was also able to release buzz droids that would harm nearby craft.


The Virago was commissioned by Xizor as his personal starship. He collaborated directly with MandalMotors on its design, and he purchased all production rights upon completion to ensure the ship would remain unique. Xizor's personal version of the ship featured a super-advanced targeting computer that greatly increased the performance of whatever weapons the ship happened to be using. Following Xizor's death, MandalMotors reacquired the production rights and released a StarViper variant less powerful than Virago to the open market. In addition, Mandal Hypernautics began producing the fighter.

StarVipers formed the main starfighter force of the Zann Consortium, and they were modified to carry and deploy swarms of old Pistoeka sabotage droids that the Consortium obtained via the black market, proving superior to interceptors such as the RZ-1 A-wing interceptor and TIE/IN interceptor.[1]

These fighters were also employed in small numbers by the Mandalorian forces present on Mandalore during the Galactic Civil War.

Behind the scenesEdit

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