Star Control is a space combat video game that was released for multiple gaming and computer platforms in 1990. The game involved pitting two opposing starfleets (the Ur-Quan Hierarchy and the Alliance of Free Stars), each starfleet with seven spaceships, in battle. The game had three modes: Practice (one-on-one ship combat), Melee (where each entire fleet would battle each other), and Full Game (a much expanded version of Melee with many scenarios, along with added features).

Starbases are only available in the Full Game mode, and their main function is to build ships for a side’s fleet.

Starbase info and functionsEdit

Starbases are responsible for creating a fleet. In some game scenarios, the game will end once a Starbase is destroyed.

Once a player uses the Build command for a new ship, the ship will be instantly built, given that there are enough funds (known as Starbucks) to do so. A fleet can only have seven ships maximum operating at a time.

Prices for ships are as follows:

Ur-Quan Hierarchy

Alliance of Free Stars

A Starbase will also generate one Starbuck per turn. The only other function a Starbase can perform is to move, although that will take all three turns during a round.


The Starbases have no defenses of their own, as any enemy ship that ends their turn while positioned at a Starbase will automatically destroy it. A Starbase can be fortified with a web that prevents most ships from being able to pass through it, however, except for the Mmrnmhrm X-Form on the Alliance side (which its engines just flat-out ignore fortifications) and the Ur-Quan Dreadnought on the Hierarchy side (which just ending its turn will automatically destroy the fortification, along with the Starbase). If two enemy starships occupy and end their turn on a fortified Starbase, that will also destroy it. There is also a chance that the Besiege command can be used for a starship that is stuck in a fortification web, although there is only a 10% chance that it will be able to destroy the fortification.

A Starbase can be moved, but all three turns will be taken up in order to move it only one space.

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