General Information
Habitat Space
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Courage the Cowardly Dog universe

Starmakers are a large, squid-like aliens that live in space, from the Courage the Cowardly Dog universe. Only one family is left alive in the galaxy (both parents currently dead: the father eaten by a Space Whale, while the mother peacefully passing on: while the young levitating through flying pass the atmosphere and creating new stars.)

Appearance and abilitiesEdit

Starmakers are very large in size, about similar size and appearance to the giant squid from Earth. The key differences though are their coloration: female Starmakers are purple, while male Starmakers are green. Younger Starmakers are born in transparent eggs, which are taken care of by the mother.

As their name implies, Starmakers are capable of creating new stars with just a small wave of their tentacle. In their world, they are responsible for making all of the stars in the sky. They are easily capable of moving through space through jet propulsion, though are unable to fight against the gravitational pull of some planets upon breaching their atmosphere.

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