Universe Amorphous +
Homeworld Unknown
Average Height 1m
Diet Omnivorous
Intelligent Really low

The Stickies are a subspecies of Gloople. They have a weaker skin, which it will break with even the slightest bump. This, however, is their exact purpose: to break against enemies and cover them with their sticky, internal fluids. Stickies are often used by the hive to move towards anything the hive wishes to gum up; luckily for Humankind, however, they have little in the way of an ability to make fine adjustments to their movement path and they lack any sort of observational skills, making it easy to sidestep them. An intelligent exterminator will let other Glooples get gummed up by their adhesive in order to get an easier opening to hack away at them.

Characteristics of the Internal FluidsEdit

The internal fluids of a Stickie are a thick and viscous binding agent, and are as sticky as glue, hence the name. Because of the stickiness and the density of this glue, creatures covered with it, or stepping on it - including other Glooples, would be slowed, thereby becoming easier prey to other Glooples. The glue will break down after a minute, however, due to both open-air exposure as well as friction. Despite its alcoholic composition, the glue is an optimal insulant, protecting the Stickies from high and sub-zero temperatures. Also, it has been observed to be a good fire extinguisher, and is perhaps used by Glooples as a means to prevent the occasional fire from threatening their way of life. These protections will apply to any creature covered in this glue.

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