Subspace is a strange void that is somehow connected to the World of Trophies. It is a bleak world of dark skies shrouded in chaotic storms and crystal landforms. Subspace is the home of the mysterious being Tabuu, the mastermind behind the Subspace Army

In the Subspace EmissaryEdit

Subspace serves as the primary staging ground for Tabuu's army, aside from their base set up on the Floating Isle of the Ancients in the World of Trophies. Tabuu created his army here from the primordial substance he exctracted from Mr. Game and Watch, and invented the army's primary weapon, the Subspace Bomb, in partnership with the leader of the R.O.B.s he enslaved, the Ancient Minister. The Subspace Bombs, when detonated by two R.O.B. Sentries, draw in everything caught in the blast radius and sends it into Subspace as a colony contained in a bubble. Tabuu's goal, for reasons unknown, was to draw the World of Trophies in its entirety into Subspace.

In addition to the Subspace Army, Tabuu also enlisted the help of several individuals in the World of Trophies, them being Wario, Bowser and Ganondorf, through the Master Hand he enslaved. He equipped the villainous trio with weapons called Dark Cannons, which fired beams that could instantly turn a fighter back into a trophy in one shot. He assigned Ganondorf to be the commander of the Subspace Army's forces, while the Ancient Minister carried out the deployment and detonation of Subspace Bombs.

The Great InvasionEdit

The Subspace Army reached a turning point at their base on the Floating Isle of the Ancients, when a party of fighters (Samus Aran, Pikachu, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong, Captain Douglas J. Falcon and Captain Olimar) trapped the Ancient Minister in a storage room full of Subspace Bombs. A large number of these bombs were detonated by R.O.B.s under Ganondorf's control. After escaping with the newly allied Ancient Minister, now revealed to be R.O.B., the sheer number of the Subspace Bombs opened a massive rift that caused the isle to implode.

Shortly afterward, a colossal warship called the Subspace Gunship appeared, which was the Subspace Army's ultimate weapon, armed with a beam cannon capable of opening Subspace rifts. With the help of Kirby and the Legendary Air Ride Dragoon, the gunship was destroyed, and the fighters charged into Subspace.

The Great MazeEdit

The most notable location in Subspace is a huge labyrinth called The Great Maze, which Tabuu created from the pieces of the World of Trophies that were transported to Subspace. At the very center of the maze was a gateway to Tabuu, which could only be opened by defeating the 35 false fighters and all of the revived bosses.

It is unknown what has become of Subspace since Tabuu was defeated. But his defeat had reversed the damage he had wrought, and all of the areas that were displaced were returned to the World of Trophies.

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