The Sunesis were a race of humanoid amphibians evolved on the planet Monor II. In their native language, the word Sunesi means "pilgrim." The Sunesi were born as furry, senseless creatures who have little idea of the world around them. They were born with diffuse nervous systems and the ability to breathe in the planet's cirrifog-dense atmosphere. After about 15 standard years, they went into a hibernation-like state and began to pupate.

Agapos the Tenth SWJ10

It was at this time that the cirrifog atmosphere of Monor II was most important, for the small crystals in the fog were a necessary part of their metamorphosis. When mixed with their natural sweat, the crystals in the cirrifog helped create a protective coccoon. Inside the coccoon, the young Sunesi were transformed into adults. However, the coccoon's shell became quite hard, and many juvenile Sunesi did not survive their pupation because they could not break out of it. Those that do emerge from their coccoon became intelligent, hairless adults.

The turquoise-colored adults had the ability to speak with their mouths, but they could also communicate by using ultrasonic waves created within their large crania. Their enlarged heads earned them the nickname "lumpheads" from the Imperial forces that occupied Monor II during the Galactic Civil War. The Sunesi have long, thin limbs, and four thin fingers on each hand. The blood of a Sunesi was bright pink in color.

The fact that all living adults had survived the metamorphosis evolved into a species-wide belief in reincarnation.

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