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SuperBob (real name Robert 'Bob' Kenner) is a human from London, England who was struck by a meteorite and gained several super powers as a result; later becoming a civil servant/superhero working for the British Government and the Ministry of Defence.

The powers that Bob acquires are very similar to the DC comic book hero Superman, with Bob's powers including super strength, super senses, supersonic flight, heat vision, x-ray vision and invulnerability.

SuperBob is portrayed by actor and comedian Brett Goldstein.


Becoming SuperBobEdit

In Summer 2008, an asteroid named EE2007 breaks up under Jupiter's gravity, with the asteroid's fragments heading towards Earth. As the worldwide media covers the story, one of the pieces of the asteroid enters into a collision course with the United Kingdom - specifically the Peckham District in London. The meteorite eventually makes impact in Peckham Rye Park as a postman named Robert Kenner (who was enjoying his day off by sunbathing in the park) is
The 'Flying Man' of Peckham

The 'Flying Man' of Peckham

hit by the meteorite. Although he's taken to the hospital following the events, the news later reports he has mysteriously vanished.

Following his interaction with the meteorite, Bob discovers he has now gained superpowers as a result and begins to try to learn how to use them. His early usage of his powers - most notably his ability to fly - go viral as some individuals manage to get photos of him - leading the media to suggest that Bob and the 'Flying Man' are the same person, with one of Bob's colleagues at the Post Office confirming that he believes this is true due to Bob now completing his rounds much quicker then before.

Despite his early success with his powers, Bob has an accident while flying across London at high speed as he crashes through the Shard, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage to the landmark. Seeing the news report on the accident and realising he needs help to control his abilities, Bob willingly hands himself into the Police.
'SuperBob' unveiled

'SuperBob' unveiled

Following this, the Ministry of Defence secludes him and begins to help Bob learn how to control his various powers over the next few months, with Bob struggling at first with some of the tasks (such as controlling his flying ability) and some accidents occuring such as Bob accidentally injuring a staff member with his heat vision.

Despite this, Bob eventually masters his powers and is given a uniform before been unveiled to the world as 'SuperBob' - a superhero who will be working for the Ministry of Defence and the British Government.

Early YearsEdit

Working for a woman named Teresa Ford in a section of the MOD called the "Emergency Response/Disaster Unit", Bob is made to work 6 days a week, with Tuesday been his day off as sanctioned by the United Nations - although Teresa sometimes will ignore this and call Bob into work on a Tuesday for certain tasks but will make sure that Bob is not seen working. Furthermore, while the general public refer to Bob as a superhero, Bob and the rest of the government instead refer to him as a 'Civil Servant'.

As a result of working for the MOD, there is a lot of administrative work involved - with some of it been beneficial for Bob (such as the setting up of 'no-fly' zones for aircraft to ensure that Bob doesn't crash into any), while other forms - which are given to people to complete after Bob saves them - have not been well received. Although Teresa declares that the forms are necessary so the MOD can keep a log of Bob's work, Bob himself admits that he also hates the forms. Another detracting factor regarding Bob's actions as a superhero is his simplistic personality, with one woman who was saved by him referring to Bob as a 'dullard'.

In regards to his personal life, Bob has remained living in Peckham - with his mother (who has short-term memory loss) living in a London carehome. Despite been invulnerable, Bob has a mandatory security guard called Barry who watches over the house, while also having a Columbian lady called Doris who is both his part-time cleaner as well as acting as Bob's carer. It's revealed that Doris also works at the care home where Bob's mother resides, with her becoming very friendly with Mrs Kenner and following her request to look after him. Doris herself wants to follow her dream of looking after children and opening up a nursery in Columbia, but has made very little money in the 6 years she has been living in England.

In 2013, America - reportedly having been angered at the fact that it was the UK that had gotten the world's first superhero and not them - made an attempt to poach Bob to instead have him working for the American government. However, the attempt failed after been blocked by the Ministry of Defence. Since then, some American politicians have started a smear campaign against SuperBob - making the claim that he is "a weapon that Britain has no control over".


Despite been "the most powerful man in the world", Bob is mild mannered and socially awkward - with his boss Teresa and even members of the public taking advantage of him. It's indicated that Bob may have a mental disability as he is forgetful and requires help for a lot of different things - with Doris often acting as his carer as well as his cleaner at his mother's behest (his mother even stating that Bob cannot tie his own shoes).

Furthermore, Bob does have a slight tendency to be blunt and even make snarky comments - such as when Doris criticizes him for never saying 'no' to Teresa, only for Bob to critisize her about her own apparent inability to say no to the several boyfriends she's had in the past. Despite this, Bob does acknowledge Doris' help as he states she will be great looking after children based on the years she has spent looking after him.

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