Surronian Insignia

Symbol of the Surronians

The Surronians were a race of hive-mind, insectoid lifeforms native to the Expansion Region planet Surron. They had a guild-based society in which each guild maintained its own hive mentality. They produced some interesting starship designs, each of which was a unique artifact displaying their guild's technology. Their ships were originally used only by Surronians, although some have been given as gifts to individuals who have donated their efforts to help the Surronians. Eventually, hit with an economic depression that threatened to unravel their society, the Surronians entered a contract with Rendili StarDrive, and produced the Starlight freighter. With the funds from the sales of the Starlight, the Surronians were able to get back on the road to economic recovery. They also began releasing a "limited edition" of their starship designs to the general public, further increasing their net wealth.

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