Kitalic Nirasik (Svivreni)

The Svivreni were a race of stocky, furred humanoids native to the planet Svivren. The Svivreni were known for their stubbornness, and their adherence to no-weapons philosophies. Individual Svivreni had large, equine faces, and their heads were covered with flowing black hair. Svivreni custom demanded that adults never trim their hair, as the length of an individual's hair was often regarded as an indication of fertility and intelligence. A heavy, metal ring held the hair in a loose rope. The fingers of the Svivreni were unusual in that they had three joints, providing dexterity and gripping power.

As a people, the Svivreni were regarded as stubborn, and nearly impossible to influence once they made a decision. Although the Svivreni chose to remain neutral during the Galactic Civil War, many individuals served the Alliance rather than submit to Imperial control. Individual Svivreni were known to live for a 100 year or more.

In general, the Svivreni never wished one another good-bye. Instead, they offered each other this simple advice: "The journey begins, so go."

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