The Swokes Swokes are a pasty-skinned alien race native to the planet Makem III. They are distinguished by their portly bodies and loose, pallid skin. The head of a Swokes Swokes is conical in shape, with a crown of horns on the brow and another set of horns at the point. The wide mouth of the Swokes Swokes is dominated by large, fang-like upper teeth, and sits below a small nose and two bulbous eyes. Their nervous system is more similar to that of a flatworm than to most other humanoid races, and they have the ability to regenerate lost limbs if necessary. This ability gives them a certain bravado on the battlefield, where Swokes Swokes are known to be fanatical in their attacks.

The Swokes Swokes are remarkable in their adaptations to their homeworld, although they're not technologically advanced. Their cities are delicate structures, built from cast iron, giving them an underlying strength despite their appearance. Most Swokes Swokes transportation is in the form of domesticated schingas. One interesting aspect of the Swokes Swokes civilization is their use of gemstones to indicate power. Rather than displaying them on pieces of jewelry, however, most Swokes Swokes have the gemstones implanted in their bodies near vital organs as a form of status symbol.

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