The Syreen Space Patrol was the military space organization of the peaceful Syreen species.


Established only a short time before 2035, it comprised lunar outposts and orbital platforms, along with a fleet of Penetrators. Reflecting the matriarchal nature of the Syreen society, the Space Patrol was almost entirely composed of females. When Syra was shattered by a Mycon Deep Child, the Patrol and a few survivors from the surface were all that remained of the Syreen civilization.

The Space Patrol escorted the slow Habitat fleet through space, eventually seeking refuge in Human space and taking an active role during the Ur-Quan Slave War. After the defeat of the Alliance of Free Stars, the Ur-Quan confiscated the fleet and stored it in a vault on Epsilon Camelopardalis I-A. After The Captain returns the ships to Talana, the Space Patrol organizes an ambush at Organon as revenge against the Mycon and may even lend ships to his fleet.

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