Although the Vasari had been able to take them by surprise, following the fall of the Aluxite Dynasty, the Trade Order quickly took action against the invaders as the Trader Emergency Coalition. Converting their great fleets of humble trade vessels into warships, the TEC was able to fight off the Vasari and restore peace, until the return of the vengeful Advent. Now with the bulk of their fleets battling the Vasari on the frontlines, reserve forces and retired veterans are being pressed back into service to fight off the Advent.

TEC Ships are cheap and easy to mass-produce, at the price of average overall performance.


Protev Colony Frigate: These ships are slow and weak yet essential for colonizing other worlds until you have enough Akkan-Class Motherships. They are armed with weak self-defense lasers, yet should always enter combat with an escort, especially against pirates and local militia, who prey on colony ships. The Protev can also crew Extractors found in neutral areas, like asteroid belts.

Arcova Scout Frigate: Light exploration frigates that are suited for exploring a star system and finding new colonizable planets. The Arcova excels in speed and acceleration, able to outrun most ships unless if affected by speed-hindering abilities like Ion Bolt. Later on, an ability can be researched to allow the Arcova to ignore Phase Jump Inhibitors.

Cobalt Light Frigate: Forming the core of an early TEC starfleet, the Cobalt is suited for combat against other early ship types, including other Light Frigates. It is inexpensive and easy to produce in large numbers, but are fairly useless against more powerful ship types, like cruisers or capitol ships.

Krosov Siege Frigate: Absolutely essential for destroying enemy colonies, the Krosov is able to wrest control away from a planet by bombing the planetside facilities and colonial structures. To successfully eliminate an enemy's presence on a planet, the planet must be bombarded by siege frigates or capitol ships until the planet health reaches zero. The Krosov is well suited for its role, but its slow speed and great danger to a colony makes it a big target for planetary defense ships.

Javelis LRM Frigate: The Javelis's role in combat is assault and long-range attack. Armed with long range missiles, the Javelis prefers to stay away from firefights and shoot at enemy ships and structures from far away. A good amount of these ships can help when attacking a well-developed colony or a starfleet.

Garda Flak Frigate: These ships fulfill the role of protecting the fleet from strike craft(fighters and bombers). Armed with anti-air autocannon turrets, the Garda can easily shoot down enemy fighters with excellent precision. They are a real boon when there are plenty of carriers and/or hanger defense platforms on the battlefield.


Percheron Light Carrier: A small combat support ship, the Percheron is an excellent ship for those who prefer to swarm their enemies with fighter craft. A single ship can carry and maintain one strike craft formation, so for greater effect, build plenty of these to add more craft to your fleet's fighter screen.

Hoshiko Robotics Cruiser: This combat support cruiser utilizes advanced robot drones to repair damaged ships in the fleet and to sabotage enemy ships to inhibit their combat prowess. They are able to launch droids in any direction and are great for keeping a fleet alive in decisive space battles.

Cielo Command Cruiser: Built for maximizing a fleet's combat power, the Cielo coordinates attacks and motivates a fleet's ships, optimizing their performance. Rally calls are issued to make the fleet fight as hard as they possibly can, working at full power to boost shield mitigation and rate-of-fire. They can use the Designate Target ability, increasing the amount of damage the target takes.

Kodiak Heavy Cruiser: With powerful forward weapons, the Kodiak provides the firepower needed to take down bigger targets easily. Using heavy autocannons, the Kodiak pounds ships into submission, reducing targets to scrap in minutes.

Capitol ShipsEdit

Kol Battleship: Though ramshackle and excessively bulky in appearance, the Kol is able to dish out and withstand heavy damage, and is best suited for battles against the Vasari. It has incredible defensive strength, high hull points, strong armor and powerful shields that, put together, make it a very hard ship to kill. When it learns the Adaptive Forcefield ability, its shields become powerful enough to block Vasari Phase Missiles, that normally able to Phase Jump past a ship's shield. The Kol's defensive powers have earned it the nickname "The Brick" amongst the fans of Sins of a Solar Empire.

Sova Carrier: A good Strike Craft force is a great way to boost a fleet's chances in battles, and the Sova is able to answer this by being able to deploy mass amounts of Fighters or Bombers. Besides this, they are able to learn abilities to boost the efficiency of Strike Craft performance and deployment. Its invaluable Missile Platform ability can provide extra firepower in intensive fights by deploying a weapons platform that fires missiles at enemy targets. The combination of Strike Craft and Missile Platforms make the Sova devastating early in the game.

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