The TIE/IN or TIE Interceptor, was a TIE series starfighter used by the Galactic Empire. The Tie Interceptor was identifiable by its arrow-shaped solar collection panels, a distinct difference from the hexagonal solar arrays of its predecessor, the Tie fighter. The Interceptor was one of the fastest Starfighter in the galaxy at its prime, nearly rivaling the Alliance's RZ-1 A-wing Interceptor                                                                                      
TIE interceptor


Due to their speed, distinct shape, and narrow profile in comparison to the TIE/ln starfighter (which was nicknamed eyeball) TIE Interceptors came to be referred to occasionally as "squints" by enemy pilots


Like most TIE models, the TIE Interceptor shared nearly identical cockpits, drive pods, and wing brace designs with the TIE Fighter. The solar collector panels were lengthened and angled, and the forward center section was removed. This new solar array design gave the Interceptor its unmistakable dagger-like appearance, while providing the pilot with increased visibility and shrinking its profile to make targeting more frustrating for enemy gunners. This wing design gave the craft a more menacing visage, continuing the Empire's reputation of ruling through fear.

The original production model came equipped with four L-s9.3 laser cannons one installed on each wingtip. New targeting software was installed in the TIE Interceptor, and the SFS T-s9a tergeting computer offered greater accuracy during complex flight maneuvers.


Behind the scenesEdit

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