The Inquisitors TIE Fighter
The TIE Advanced v1 was an experimental TIE Fighter model of the Imperial Navy. It was heavily based of Republic Sienar Systems own Scimitar. The Starfighter was fitted with a hyperdrive and basic shields, and unlike the TIE Advanced x1, the v1's S-foils could fold in around the cockpit when not in flight, conserving hangar space. The TIE Advanced v1 was armed with dual chin mounted laser cannons,and had the ability to launch warheads, including an XX-23 S-thread tracker. The TIE Advanced v1 was unveiled on Empire Day on the planet Lothal, fifteen years after the formation of the Galactic Empire. During the unveiling, it was announced that the TIE Advanced v1 would be produced on Lothal by Sienar Fleet Systems immediately after the unveiling, the first production TIE Advanced v1 was destroyed by Kanan Jarrus.

The Inquisitor was entrusted with a TIE Advanced v1 of his own due to the sensitive nature of his top-secret missions in hunting down Jedi. This particular TIE was stolen by Kanan Jarrus and his Padawan Ezra Bridger when fleeing the Mustafar system.

Behind the scenesEdit



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