Talana has served for the past seven years as the Syreen commander of the orbital platform around Betelgeuse I, where the Syreen were slave-shielded by the Ur-Quan. She was only a young girl when the Alliance lost and the Syreen were imprisoned on the planet. Prior to her assignment on the Hierarchy Starbase she grew up and lived on a small island near the main continent on Gaia.

Star Control IIEdit

Talana meets The Captain, and at first, refuses to help him. She fears the Ur-Quan would find out, and her people would be reprimanded for associating with the rogue Humans. Her attitude later changes when The Captain shows her undeniable proof that their original homeworld was not destroyed by a random catastrophe, but by a Mycon Deep Child. Together with The Captain, she orchestrates the revenge against the Mycon, and the plan is a success. After that, she convinces the rest of the Syreen to help the New Alliance of Free Stars. She also shares a romantic relationship with The Captain and they later fall in love, get married, and have children (and at least two grandchildren).

Project 6014Edit

Talana Lives in a house on the Planet Unzervault in the Vela Star system. Not much is known about her in this game, She is missing and has not had contact with her husband captain Zelnick in a long time its theorized that she died some how.


  • Diani was the older sister of Talana and a member of the Syreen Space Patrol. She served as an officer aboard a starship that participated in the ultimately unsuccessful Final defense at Raynet, where she lost her life.

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