The Tan Ru are a race of insectiod machines.


While other races have crew on board the Tan Ru's are actually sentient spacecraft programmed to find advanced technology and replicate it. All Tan Ru ships consist of a Set of spheres connected by rods.


A small ship consisting of a few spheres attached using rods, they, like most other Fighter type ships, have an only a single weapon plus a fast thruster. It should be noted that they use lasers


They have three weapon slots along with one thruster, an advanced shield, and a star drive. The Tan Ru version of a Corvette


A more advanced version of the Demolisher, this ship has a Particle Vortex Cannon thus giving it the ability to attack clocked ships


Tan Ru resemble a chitinus crab or insect. While the game is vague on other matters they appear to have a hive of some sort, this implies they also have a queen

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