Tangeans, also known as Tanean Royals inhabit the planet Tangea from the Disney-Pixar animated series Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. The most iconic member of their planet is the independent, strong-willed and clever Princess Mira Nova, who is not only the heir to the Tangean throne but also a Space Ranger.


Tangeans are a very intelligent species. They possess great mental abilities that allows them to read minds, cause pain to their enemies and walk through solid objects. They are governed by a king who effectively enforces the division of social classes in their planet.


The name "Tangean" originates from the word "intangible" meaning incapable of being perceived by the sense of touch, which perfectly describes the Ghosting powers Tangeans are famous for.

Despite their arrogance and special abilities, they were attacked by the evil Emperor Zurg in hopes of taking over their planet with the help of his Hyper-Hornet. Buzz Lightyear came to Tangea to save them which inspired Tangea's princess and only heir to the throne, Mira Nova to join Star Command.


Tangeans are aliens from the planet Tangea. Their skeletal system and outer appearance resemble that of Homo sapiens, except they have red orange hair and turquoise skin which turn yellow when they are exposed to the sun for too long, a process called "Yellowing" (similar to when humans undergo sunburn).

Tangean Ancestors

In one episide of Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, the characters reverted to their primitive forms. Mira Nova turned into a giant ameoba. Believing that took them millions of years to phase through objects and forming a humanoid structure, this means they didn't evolve like humans and the reason they possess this blue skin color.


Tangea is home to two classes of people namely the Grounders (those who live on the ground) and the race where the royal family belongs to (they live in the sky and look down on the Grounders literally and figuratively). Inter-class mingling is deeply frowned especially by the race that lives in the sky. This disapproval can be seen when Princess Mira Nova dated a Grounder a year before she signed up for Star Command. By doing this, the is said to have disgraced the royal family.

King Nova believes that his race is above all other races and he discriminates not only on the Grounders but also on other species like humans. He has made it very clear in several occasions that he disapproves of his daughter joining Star Command and calls humans monkeys.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Tangeans possess several mental abilities. They can read minds, erase memories, plant ideas into other people's minds, use mind link with other individuals who can mind link with her too such as Romac, Mira's ex-boyfriend, and render people unconscious by using a technique called the "Tangean Brain Squeeze". At one point their princess, Mira Nova, was able to sense the location of her planet which mysteriously disappeared at one point. Tangeans can also phase through walls, their clothing, other individuals and any other solid object as long as they hold their concentration (an ability known as "Ghosting"). It was implied that a Tangean's powers can grow weaker or lose them completely when they don't practice it as exhibited by King Nova, Mira's father. Although she is very strong, Mira herself has yet to develop her full Tangean powers.

The powers of the Tangean Royals however are useless against the powers of the Tangean Grounders because they cancel each other out. Another Drawback is when ghosting through materials Tangeans absorb the energy, it is invigorating and empowers them greatly, unfortunately the process is addictive and becomes a problem.


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