The Tarcs were a race of carnivorous crustaceans native to the planet Hjaff. They were believed to have evolved from a race of sea-dwelling crustaceans, but were forced to live on dry land over time. The average Tarc was bipedal, standing on two legs and having four arms. The upper pair of arms had dextrous hands, while the lower pair had huge claws for fighting. They stood about two meters tall, but their exoskeleton and their musculature made them extremely large. They lacked lips, teeth, and tongues, but their mouths were filled with small, hollow spikes which were used to inject an acidic saliva into their food. Primary digestion began in the mouth, and the spikes could then be used to shred their food into smaller pieces for swallowing. Tarcs ate primarily the mollusks and other small creatures which lived in the deserts of Hjaff. As a race, the Tarcs were not necessarily violent, but they maintain a zero-tolerance stance with other races. They colonized much of the space around Hjaff, and protected their worlds with a navy known as the Ivlacav Gourn. Tarcs were not allowed to leave their native system, and it was a crime to be caught outside their home without permission.