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Tatooine, the first planet of the Tatoo System.

Located within the Arkanis Sector, in the Outer Rim Territories of the galaxy, the Tatoo System is a binary star system with three planets. The two suns are known as Tatoo I - the largest one, which is yellow in color - and Tatoo II - slightly smaller and orange in color. The innermost planet is the terrestrial desert world of Tatooine, home to several species and orbited by three moons. The remaining two are uninhabitable gas giants Ohann and Adriana. Ohann is also orbited by three moons, whereas Adriana possesses four moons and rings of water ice. These rings are mined in order to obtain water, which is later taken to Tatooine. Beyond Adriana lies an ancient asteroid field known as the Dragon's Spine, and the enormous Ghost Tide Nebula.

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