"You possess such technology?"

The Tau'ri have developed many technologies based on what various SG team|teams of Stargate Command have brought back from trips to other planets via the use of the Stargate on Earth.


The technology of the Tau'ri, while initially crude compared to that of the Ancient technology, Asgard technology Ori technology, and even Goa'uld technology is still far more advanced when compared to the level of technology found on most planets throughout both the Milky Way and Pegasus Galaxy. With the discovery of Atlantis and the Asgard computer core gifted to them by the Asgard, however, Earth's technology will leap forward in the future, perhaps rivaling that of both the Ancients and the Asgard, therefore placing them among the most advanced races in the known universe.

Technology developed by the Tau'ri

  • Communication technology
    • Cell phone
    • Satellite phone
    • Red phone
    • Long-range communication device (Tau'ri variant on the technology)
    • Defensive and Offensive technology

Tau'ri fleet

    • X-301
    • X-302
    • F-302
    • X-303
    • BC-303



    • Anti-Replicator Gun
    • Planet Wide Anti-Replicator Weapon
    • RG/BBT SG military mounted gun
    • X-699 directed energy weapon+


  • Gate buster
  • Goa'uld-buster


  • Kull disruptor (With assistance from the Tok'ra)
  • Prior disruptor
  • Drive technology
  • Alternate reality drive
  • Hyperdrive technology
  • Naquadria reactor core
  • Maneuvering thruster

Sublight engine



Neural interfaces

Ancient Technology Activation gene therapy

  • Power source
  • Naquadah generator
  • Power booster device
  • Subspace capacitor
  • Solar power


  • F.R.E.D
  • M.A.L.P
  • M.A.T
  • Nuclear powered reconnaissance drone


Space stationso International Space Station

Midway space station

Stargate related technology

  • Avenger
  • Dialing computer
  • Garage Door Opener
  • Iris Deactivation Code
  • Iris
  • McKay/Carter Intergalactic Gate Network
  • Supergate DHD (Developed by Samantha Carter to dial the supergate)

Alien Technology employed by the Tau'riEdit

    • Control crystal
    • Asgard stone
  • Communication technology
    • Inverted phase communicator
    • Long-range communication device
    • Long range communication stone
    • Subspace communication
  • Shield technology
    • Asgard shield
    • Atlantis' shield
    • Drive|Drive technology
    • Core drive
    • Faster-Than-Light engine|Faster-Than-Light drive
    • Hyperdrive#Tau'ri|Hyperdrive technology
      • Asgard hyperdrive
      • Stardrive
    • 8Wormhole drive
  • Stargate related technology
    • Ancient remote control (Also for Kino control)
    • Auto-dialer
    • Dial Home Device (On Tau'ri offworlds outposts)
  • Transporter
    • Asgard Transporter
    • Atlantis transporter
    • Ring transporter
  • Kino dispenser
    • Kino
  • Asgard plasma beam weapon
  • Sensor
    • Asgard sensor
    • Life signs detector
    • Long range sensors
  • Inertial dampener
  • Time dilation device

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